• Kara Blakley, Ph.D.

    Kara Blakley, Ph.D.

    Dr. Kara Blakley received a PhD in Art History & Theory from the University of Melbourne (Australia). Previously, she taught and studied in China and Germany.

  • Mel Sa

    Mel Sa

    French Canadian living in South America. Writer, translator, poledancer and climber. J’écris en Français. I also write in English. Ça dépend.

  • Calvin Arterberry

    Calvin Arterberry

    I am a UX/UI designer who loves to create engaging and delightful applications.

  • Adriana Ospina

    Adriana Ospina

  • Charles K

    Charles K

    Human. Photographer. Thinker. Creator/publisher of www.wasemag.com — Writing about photography as an art form & way of perceiving realities.

  • Liubozarovchristo


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